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Even if your five senses fail, 
You can still uncover a trail, 
So please do not give up or bail. 

If all your ideas fall flat, explode, or go slippery green slime splat, 
At least they can’t text, call-your-friends, chat or do something even worse than that!
If all you see is scary black, 
And you worry that you may crack,
If you keep reaching for mouth-watering sweet snacks, 
While wondering if you’re on the correct track… 
Imagining happier scenarios is something worth working at! 

Sorry, I can’t award you with the genius of Taylor Swift,  
Instead, I bestow upon you this valuable gift,  
The wonder of illumination, 
The magic of imagination, 
Cherish it like a pirate with an enchanted golden treasure, 
May it always charm you with pleasure beyond measure. 

May insightful vision guide you through, 
Watch it illuminate a path just for you, 
And help you decide exactly what to do. 

You are ready for magic and so much more,  
So, what are you waiting for? Open your door!  
Together, let’s watch our goals soar and score  

It’s time to educate, 
Don’t you dare hesitate, 
Before it’s too dark or late, 
It’s your fate, go and narrate.

Don’t despair, show you care and share,  
Tell stories that are out of sight,
That only you could dream or write,
May your words make our world light and bright! 

You successfully completed your first lesson with Ms. Wendy. 
You have been gifted a reward titled, “The Magic of Imagination”.  

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