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BirdYZ Painting #2 - Pic4Website2.jpg

BirdYZ Anthem

The Cheezy Birdies

(Paint & Poetry Play Workshop)


We’re happy busy bees, 

Who make magic with ease. 

We tell stories through art and rhyme - 

Paint pictures, (It’s a breeze!) 

Write poems, (More words please 🙏.) 

That will survive and thrive for all time, 

(And it won’t cost anyone a dime!


We are growing birdies, total cuties... 

Ready to stretch our wings, 

Shining our bright beams, 

Spreading our hearts gleams, 

Sharing our dear dreams, 

For you to feel all the love & joy that creativity brings.


We fly high in the sky,

Create stuff you can buy,

Hopeful to explore and soar, 

We have so much for you in store … 

We guarantee you will score!


We are free,

Full of glee, 

For you and your family, 

You are welcome to come and see…



Teacher Wendy

BirdYZ Paintings & Bookmarks 4_edited.jpg

BirdYZ Bookmarks 

BirdYZ Paintings & Bookmarks _edited.jpg

BirdYZ Activities


1.  Disney Character Fun

- How to draw Disney characters & pets 
2.  Mad Libs

 - Create silly make-believe characters

- Write stories/poems to go with our artistic creations
3.  Bookmarked!

- Make bookmarks using your own stickers
4.  Choose your own Adventure!

- Our class writes a story together with different endings!

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